Our top tips for the perfect Halloween

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Pumpkins, parties and PJ’s – our top tips for the perfect Halloween

So, Halloween is just around the corner and as you may have noticed, it gets more popular
every year. Although originally a Celtic festival, we have our cousins across the Atlantic to
thank for the modern-day traditions of trick or treating, pumpkins and celebrating all things
ghostly and ghoulish. Here at Cyberjammies, it’s fast becoming one of our favourite times
of the year, as it gives us an excuse to dress up, decorate our houses, indulge our inner-child
and of course eat a ton of sweets.

We’ve pulled together our top tips for the perfect Halloween, so whether you’re throwing a
party, trick or treating or staying home in the warm, we hope you enjoy it, stay safe and
have lots of spooky fun.



1. Your very own Haunted House – We’ve all seen those houses where the owners
really go the extra mile to get that super-spooky feel. You may not want to recreate
the set of Hollywood movie, in your front garden but it’s easy to borrow some of the
best bits for your very own Haunted House. Set the tone with some spooky music
and be sure to hang cobwebs, skeletons and bats on the approach to your door.
Don’t forget your windows too by putting long taper candles inside and creating a
spider’s web in black wool. Give the entrance of your house some spooky treatment
too. One of the fun ideas we spotted was to put plastic eyes all over your front door,
to give trick or treaters that feeling of being watched….



2. Add a touch of scary to the inside too - If you’re staying in or planning a party, there
are little details you can add to your home, without breaking the bank. Make
pumpkin style lanterns by covering old jars with orange crepe paper, create faces
with some black paper and add some tea lights. For spooky candles, buy some white
and red candles, melt the red wax onto the white ones, so that it looks like they’re
dripping with blood. Make some black paper bats and then attach them to any
decorative twigs you already have in the house or along the bannisters of your stairs.
Finally, on a plain white table cloth, stencil as many tiny spiders as you can, so that
they look like they’re crawling across your table.


3. Scarily good style – By now, every supermarket and high street store has their racks
piled high with scary costumes but if you’d rather wear something unique and
hopefully save a little cash, it can be simple to make something at home. The
simplest outfits can be transformed with a little make up; dark eyes, purple lips, red
streaks dripping from your mouth, add a black dress and some cheap white fangs
and you’re a vampire (a pair of red contact lenses will really finish the look). Take a
white pair of leggings and T-shirt, buy some cheap full-length bandages and wrap
them round yourself, secure with small safety pins, add a little dirt and get
mummified! Pulling out the make-up kit again, you can turn any ordinary dress-up
outfit into a zombie version by adding red for blood, black for dirt and don’t scrimp
on either.



4. Stay in and cuddle up – whether it’s you and your loved one or you have little ones
that are just a little bit too scared to go out in the dark on Halloween, we highly
recommend a night snuggling on the sofa. Make some spooky snacks (see next tip),
turn down the lights, replace them with a few candles, then settle down for a few
Halloween movie classics. Our all-time favourite has to be Hocus Pocus for true
family fun and there’s a whole generation of kids that have never seen classics like
Ghostbusters, The Witches and The Addams Family. Newer movies that are taking on
Halloween classic status include Hotel Transylvania (all three are scarily good), The
Corpse Bride and Monster House. For some truly scary grown-up films, then your
go-to classics are Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and all of the Halloween series. If
you’re not keen to spend the evening hiding behind the sofa then maybe Beetlejuice
or any of the Scary Movie series will be a better choice.



5. Scary scrumptious treats – Sweets are of course a staple for any Halloween night but
there are some other easy ways to add spooky touches to your treats. Ordinary
chocolate cupcakes can be transformed into spider versions by adding legs made
from string style sweets like liquorice and a couple of white chocolate buttons for
eyes. Alternatively make Halloween biscuits by icing a cobweb onto chocolate
digestives or any chocolate covered biscuit. If you’re having a party, sweetie kebabs
can easily be putting together with wooden skewers and a selection of brightly
coloured sweets. Finally, to add a scary touch to any drinks you serve, freeze plastic
eyeballs, spiders and bats into ice cube trays.


6. Pumpkin Power – These days it can seem that carving some eyes and a smile onto a
pumpkin isn’t enough. The traditional pumpkin works for us but if you’re looking to
do something a little different, here are a few ideas. Painting pumpkins has become
really popular in the States and this creates so many new ways to create a standout
design. Paint your pumpkin black and add some felt whisker and ears, then paint on
a white nose and mouth and you’ve got a black cat. Alternatively paint it white, add
a black stitch effect mouth and black mouth and your pumpkin has become Jack
Skellington from The Nightmare before Christmas. The options are endless and if
you’re very creative, you can create lots of different spooky characters or your
favourite film characters; we’ve seen some fab Sully and Mike Wazowski, minions
and even a double pumpkin BB8. If you’re fond of carving and want an easy twist on
the traditional, we like the words BOO carved out, a simple cat face, a winking eye
pumpkin or a moon with lots of stars. Of course, if you’re able to carve out a full
Halloween scene, a famous face or intricate pattern, you have our utmost respect
and we’d love to see the results.


7. Finish Halloween off in real style – when the trick or treating is done or all the
guests have left the party, this is the point when we like to relax, pop on our
Cyberjammies, settle down for a Halloween film (see point 4 for our top picks) and
work through our bowl of goodies. It’s for one night only after all.

Have a happy, fun filled Halloween!


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