Our Story

Nearly two decades ago, we decided that we were missing something!  A good nights’ sleep!  The bed was great, the mattress was better, the relaxing bath had us in the right frame of mind,  but something was still missing!  Then the penny dropped, our PJs were not quite up to the same standard as the rest of our sleeping ritual.  Old PJ bottoms, with an even older T-Shirt that had seen better days.  That’s easily solved, we thought.  We’ll go out and get PJs that match up to the rest of our high standards and help us get the perfect nights’ sleep.  Unfortunately it wasn’t quite that simple…..

We searched high and low for PJs, nightwear and loungewear that we could be proud of, that felt as comfortable and soft as you’d expect of something you are about to spend at least 6 hours sleeping in (hopefully).  There was plenty of nightwear out there, very nice to look at, not so nice to actually sleep in.  So we decided to make our own and Cyberjammies was created.

Why call it Cyberjammies?

Once upon a time before the world and it’s wife had a website, Cyber was frequently used word for online or computer techie.  We originally started selling our Jammies online only, hence we came up with Cyberjammies.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  We are very much online, but our presence has grown well past that and we now sell through over 250 stores in the UK, Europe and even further afield in America and Australia.  The name, if we are honest, no longer does the job it was intended to do, however, it’s stuck.  We now have a strong and loyal customer following and we want to keep it that way.  Therefore Cyberjammies is here to stay.

So how good are our PJ’s?

We could quickly fall into fabric names and technical jargon to explain just how gorgeous and soft our fabrics are, but we know that as a Cyberjammies fan you are only interested in what it does for you.  We have, for over a decade, continued to use, develop and improve the softest, most comfortable fabrics to ensure our nightwear helps to give you a great nights’ sleep.  It’s easy for us to say so, but here are a few quotes from you guys that tell us we are doing the right thing!


“I bought these Cyberjammies (as well as two more!) this week and they are my brand! Totally my brand. The material is so soft of these pink petal ones and I advice you to purchase a pair of cyber jammies asap! Be honest - your pj's could do with an update!? Mine was at that stage and now I have 3 new pairs. For the quality it's an absolute steal!”


Have a friend staying overnight & realised we both own the same pair of @Cyberjammies ! Such great taste